A personal letter to all mums from a mum!

Dear mums,

Last Saturday I began listing all the pressures on mums today, by the time I got to 50 (from money worries, pressures on time, coping with school to worrying about our children not to mention “Facebook and the smug mum”) I now think it is amazing we all have the energy to get up in the morning to face the next day. But we do and we cope because that’s what we have to do for our children.

As a mum I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy over the years (we only ever had 1 dressing up outfit which covered all events from Romans to Victorians and I never did manage to bake a cake in time for the school fair) and at times it can all get too much.

Then I started writing my Building Resilient Teenagers workshop using the latest psychology research on brain development, self-esteem, thinking and motivation. What I read challenged and changed how I think about myself.

If we are going to parent our children to the best of our ability, we need to have the energy to do this. Guilt, fear and negative thoughts drain us unnecessarily – don’t we have enough to cope with!

This is why I have written my “Free to be me…!” workshop for mums of children at any age, I know the difference what I have learnt has made to me and I think you will find it both fascinating and liberating. We can change our thinking about ourselves and our circumstances and I use the latest psychology research to help us understand how we can do this.

I will be covering:
• Growing your belief in yourself and how you parent
• Tackling the twin challenges of comparison & guilt
• Motivating yourself to…
• Learning how to build your resilience to help manage and cope better with your day-to- day family life

My workshop is on 4 October, 9:30 AM-1 PM at Ruishton Village Hall. To find out more, click on this link or email me at survivingteenagers@gmail.com. I have limited the places to 12, the cost is £25 pp and if you book before 15 September you can get 10% off.

I hopefully look forward to seeing some of you on 4 October.



About Ruth James

I am a mum with 3 daughters who runs workshops for parents of teenagers. In 2019 I launched the Taunton Parenting Cafe and will be developing new and innovative workshops to support and encourage parents of children from 9yrs+
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