About me

I am Ruth James, working mum, Parent Coach and speaker who loves helping and supporting parents as they go through the pre-teen and teenage years with their children!

I have three children who are now in their late teens/early 20s and I have “practised what I preach” so I know what I talk about on my courses can make a difference.

Based on my own experience as well as years of researching parenting and behaviour, I have developed and run my own tried and tested courses for parents of teenagers for the last 6 years.

In 2015, my courses achieved a CANParent Quality Mark which is only awarded to courses meeting the highest standards.

About my courses

All my courses are grounded in the latest psychology research – I have now read and captured the learning from over 70 books!  I am constantly updating my courses to include any new psychology research and insights parents will find helpful in parenting their teenagers.

I have now delivered my courses to over 500 parents in the community as well as at state and public schools, my courses are always well received and parents definitely find the content helpful and would recommend them to other parents.

I am in the process of setting up my own business

What do parents say about my courses?

Over the last 6 years I have had consistently positive feedback and most parents would definitely recommend them to others, here are a few comments:

  • Very worthwhile – would definitely recommend
  • Good to see we are not alone with teenage issues!
  • Very helpful – like the rest, they are great!

Why do I do this? 

Parenting teenagers can often push us to our limits, parents can feel lost, out-of-control or without a clue what to do for the best.

Understanding what is going on in your teenager’s head and why they do some of the things they do can be a total mystery to most parents.

Where it all started

Trying to parent my stroppy 11-year-old kicked off my journey – I felt out-of-control, didn’t have a clue about how to handle her and I could picture her at 16 and that really did freak me out!

I began to try managing her behaviour using some work I had done on how to manage behaviour for different temperament preferences and it worked, it gave me a new perspective on my daughter and new approaches to parenting her successfully.

“My new approach transformed my relationship with my daughter and she would agree.  This model has given me a fresh approach for each child and has made such a difference in helping me parent them through the teenage years.”

“This is why I do what I do, it just makes all the difference.”

So, based on my learning with my children, I started putting together a Family Colour Model.

I had 3 very different teenagers so I have been able to use my Family Colour Model to manage each one of them using different approaches, based on their profile – it made a huge difference.

What is this Family Colour Model?

Parents find my Colour Model fascinating and enjoy learning more about themselves and their children.

Each of our children are special and unique so we end up needing to parent each child slightly differently – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

This course helps you to tip the balance in your favour by gaining a better understanding of why you parent the way you do by giving you your own individual parenting profile on the completion of a short psychometric test.

The course is based on helping parents gain a new and fresh understanding of their own and their children’s temperament using my Family Colour Model which is based on Carl Jung’s Psychological Types. 

This course is an invest to save opportunity

I have always been a working mum, so, I have focused on making my life easier which has meant trying to be on the front foot when it comes to “managing” teenagers.

Investing time and money to help you building a positive relationship with your teenager can save angst, stress and conflict in your family, let alone the time and energy this takes.

Getting a new perspective can make such a difference

I focus on encouraging and motivating you to try new approaches to build positive relationships within your family by helping you to see your teenager from a new perspective.

This can definitely affect how you think and feel about your teenager which will hopefully make parenting them that little bit easier.

Why are there only 3 sessions

I know what it is like to be a busy working parent so I have really focused each session on practical parenting skills which are evidence-based and can make a significant difference.

Parent coaching

I am a qualified Coach (ILM Level 4 Coaching and Mentoring Qualification) and so would be happy to arrange individual coaching sessions for Parents.  Parents may find a more personalised approach helpful and I’m happy to talk to individuals or couples.

I use a solutions focused approach to helping parents and this can quickly help parents understand issues and help them better manage any issues/challenges.

An initial 4 minute consultation is free and I usually charge £40 an hour or £140 for 4 sessions

To find out more, please contact me, Ruth James, 07718178111, parentingcafe@outlook.com

More information about my qualifications and experience:

I now have the CANparent Quality Marks for my workshops:

Surviving Teenagers certificate (2)
  • I am licensed to run the Positive Parenting courses and the Surviving Teenagers Programme is based on the Time Out for Teenagers programme (www.parenting.org.uk). I also have the Open College Network qualification for facilitating groups and working with parents.
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Health and I was an Environmental Health Officer and managed teams in Environment Health for a number of years during which time I lead on Public Health for 2 local authorities. I have also managed the strategy unit for a local authority and was responsible for consultation and community engagement, internal communications, media relations, events management, website etc.
  • I have postgraduate diplomas in Management Studies, Marketing, and Public Relations and currently manage communications (including internal communications, media relations, website, intranet, marketing, brand management, events management) for a company in Taunton.
  • I have extensive experience in managing both internal and external communications, specifically community engagement

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