Some phases in life are harder than others…

Tough phases

Doesn’t life goes in phases and the latest phase of my life has been tough for a number of reasons, hence no blogs for several months. However, sometimes it’s about hanging in there and just carrying on despite what is going on around us.

Being a parent when times are tough can be hard because if we are struggling with a difficult situation we can be tired, grumpy and inpatient, and unfortunately, often take our stress out on those nearest to us.

Equally, it is important that our children recognise that life is not straightforward, and we need to remember that because they watch us cope with our day-to-day this will influence how they cope. They are acute observers and often mirror our attitudes and behaviours.

I realise it is about my mindset, how my attitudes and behaviour come across when times are tough is so important for my teenagers, they need to learn from me and this can be challenging as I can enjoy my own “pity party” like the best of us. However, I constantly remind myself that this never gets me anywhere and often makes me feel more miserable… which always has a knock-on impact for my family and never for the positive!

It is all about the choices we make, do we moan about things, are constantly negative or  choose to be more  positive/optimistic…?  I know it isn’t easy but I would rather show my children how to be optimistic and teach them to be grateful regardless of what is going on rather than teach them how to moan and always see the negative.

Ultimately, I would like my children to be happy with who they are, able to build positive relationships, cope with the never ending pressures from education/the workplace as well as the 24/7 social media.

Therefore, for me, it is about helping them find their own way through whatever they are going through and hopefully show them that when we do go through tough times we make choices about how we cope with the day-to-day pressures.

I know, throughout my life that tough phases eventually do come to an end and I always hope that the next phase will be more positive, mine certainly feels more positive at the moment which, in turn, will hopefully have a positive impact on my family!



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We all need more encouragement… particularly after a tough week

Feedback from Wellington School

Some weeks are just harder than others and this one hasn’t been great… at the moment I am living through GCSE stress as well as actively supporting a daughter who is doing her NQT year as a Y3 teacher, however much she loves teaching it is tough, who else would have to do a 60 hour week just to keep their heads above water.

Such is the life of a mum trying to juggle supporting family issues with pressures at work – I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just find it hard going.

Fortunately, I did have a bright spot this week, it came in the form of encouraging feedback from parents at a workshop I delivered at Wellington School, Somerset on Monday (above). I love delivering these sessions so it is good to know parents find them helpful.

At the moment, particularly if our teenagers are doing exams, they need loads of encouragement – it is suggested that we should use 6 words of encouragement to 1 word of criticism. However, I think we all need more encouragement so this week I am going to focus on encouraging those around me because I know the difference it made for me this week.


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Surviving maths GCSE!


I have every sympathy with parents of teenagers struggling to revise maths GCSE,  I feel your pain…

So, I  thought you might be interested  something I have found helpful, Corbett maths cards.  These cards are great,  there is 1 card per topic and on the back, there are 3 Q codes taking you to a short video summarising the topic, one for past exam questions on the topic and one for the answers! Therefore, parents can  support their teenagers without understanding anything about maths.

My daughter has been going through these cards, each topic takes from 15 to 45 minutes depending on how difficult  the topic is. Working through these cards is a great way build confidence in maths and I would definitely recommend them. I only wish there were similar cards for science etc.

To get hold of the cards go to:


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Building your teenager’s self esteem!

Heathfield community school

I am looking forward to the next sessions for parents at Heathfield Community School, Taunton.

This sessions will be in the staffroom from 6:30 PM-7:45 PM when we will be looking 

Monday 27 March: Building your teenager’s self-esteem

This session will cover:

•    Understanding why teenagers think about themselves the way they do.
•    How self-esteem develops over time and why Year 9 is so challenging!
•    Practical ways in which parents can build their teenager’s self-esteem.

To book your place go to:

There will also be opportunities for you to ask any questions you may have at the session.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the workshop.


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Looking forward to visiting Perrott Hill School, Crewkerne

I am looking forward to visitmanaging teenagersing Perrott Hill School, Crewkerne  in January to run the first of 2 workshops on “Building a positive relationship with your pre-teen/teenager”

This workshop will help parents to understand:

  • Why your pre-teen/teenager behaves the way they do, including insights into the development of the teenage brain
  • The impact of different parenting styles on the behaviour of their pre-teen/teenager
  • How to talk so pre-teen/teenagers will listen
  • How to manage behaviour, conflict and negotiate boundaries

There will also be an opportunity for parents to ask any parenting questions they may have.

I have been running these workshops at Heathfield Community School, Taunton for the last 2 years and they have been popular with parents, this is what some of the parents have said about them:

  • It is very helpful in better understanding how the teenage mind works
  • Very worthwhile – would definitely recommend
  • Good to see we are not alone with our teenager issues

I want to make this a relaxing and enjoyable evening, it is an opportunity to find out more about teenagers, meet other parents and hopefully get some new ideas on how to approach different situations.

I am really looking forward to this!

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