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Quality Marsk

Surviving Teenagers has now achieved the national CANparent Quality Mark for the parenting workshops we deliver

I am keen to work with both primary and secondary schools and would welcome the opportunity to meet with your school to discuss options for working with you to support the parents of your students. My workshops are suitable for parents with children aged 10-18 years.

So far, I have consistently had positive feedback from parents who have attended my workshops, this is because I focus on:
• Giving parents a unique insight into why their teenagers behave the way they do.
• Give them practical and straightforward parenting techniques which will definitely help and have put into practice much of what I teach on my workshops so I know that it works!
• Give parents the confidence to try something new and tackle embedded issues.
• Provide an opportunity for parents to meet each other for both mutual support and advice.

What is Surviving Teenagers?
I set this up in 2013 to deliver a range of parenting solutions for teenage challenges after I became a licensed and accredited facilitator with Positive Parenting.

I have now developed my own workshops and provide ongoing support for parents who attend any of them. These workshops are evidence based and the content uses relevant research from leading experts in their field.

The workshops I can deliver
My workshops focus on “Building Resilient Teenagers” who are more able to cope with today’s pressures and thrive.    The length of the session will determine  what is covered, it may be appropriate to split some of the topics  over a couple of sessions depending on what suits the parents.

Below I have summarised the content of each of the 5 workshops:

1. Understanding why teenagers behave the way they do!
• Insights into the development of the teenage brain
• An appreciation of the pressures teenagers face today
• Why they react the way they do
• Secrets to encouraging positive behaviour

2. Communicating with your teenager
• Tips on how to successfully communicate with your teenager
• Understanding why you parent the way you do and the impact this has on your teenager
• Having boundaries you both agree to!

3. Building your teenager’s self-esteem
• Understanding what self-esteem is and what influences it
• Practical tips and techniques for building your teenager’s self-esteem
• What your child goes through in Y6/7 and understanding why Year 9 is so hard for you and your teenager

4. Surviving homework, revision, exams and the stressed teenager
• Understanding the best approach to help your teenager to build long-term memories i.e. how they remember what they learn
• Strategies to help you get your teenager to do homework & revision!
• Techniques to help your teenager cope with exams and stress, including managing sleep patterns

5. Surviving teenagers, social media and their online world.
I am a trained facilitator to run the Parent Zone, Parenting in the Digital Age course and the workshop is based on this and will cover:
• What are the issues when your teenager goes online?
• What is important and what you can do
• Tools to help you

What do parents say about my workshops?
The feedback from parents who have attended my workshops has been very positive. Here are some quotes from parents who attended my most recent Building Resilient Teenagers workshop:
• Excellent! You can’t afford to miss this workshop, it will give you more confidence in parenting teenagers.
• Very worthwhile & helpful. Raised awareness of things I didn’t know much about.
• You should have been there – I would advise other parents to go!

What about ongoing support for parents?
If there is sufficient demand, I would organise monthly parenting network meetings to provide ongoing support for the parents who attend my workshops. I know what it is like, you attend a course and leave with a best of intentions, however daily life quickly takes over and introducing changes to how you parent your children can be difficult.

What else is available?
I have a flexible approach to my workshops and can easily develop a workshop to meet a specific need. For example, in July I will be running a 1 day workshop focusing on “Preparing for the teenager years” which will include managing the transition to secondary school.

Quality assurance
I now have the CANparent Quality Mark

This is something I would need to discuss with your school. Examples of different ways of working with you could include:
• Commissioning the workshop only
• Commissioning the delivery and administration of the workshop
• Publicising a workshop for parents through the school and the parents pay

My contact details:
Ruth James
Follow me:

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  1. Lynne Macbeth says:

    Hi. Am trying to book a place on the Workshop session at Heathfield Community School on Mon 24th Nov.
    I couldn’t see it on the list on workshops.
    Many Thanks

    Lynne Macbeth

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