Vision and values


Building positive, resilient relationships between parents and their children.


  1. To put parents and evidence at the centre of service development and delivery.
  2. To improve parents’ ability to adapt and connect with their pre-teens/teenagers.
  3. To encourage and enable parents to build resilient teenagers who are able to realise their potential.
  4. Using research, to provide innovative courses and approaches to engage and motivate parents.
  5. To profitably provide high quality, cost-effective workshops and support for parents.


  1. Simple and practical – making sure everything delivered can be used by any parent on a chaotic Monday morning.
  2. Positively encouraging and caring
  3. Delivering excellence in everything we do
  4. Innovative: to challenge traditional ways of delivering parenting workshops to respond to the rapidly changing “family” environment

Comments and complaints

We consider a complaint to be an expression of dissatisfaction with the actions, lack of actions or standard of service provided by Parenting Café. By complaining you give us the opportunity to put right and review the way we do things in future. We are committed to dealing with complaints fairly and efficiently. We record and monitor all complaints and hope that most can be resolved quickly and informally.

Comments & suggestions

Comments & suggestions give us an idea of how we could improve our service to you. These can be on any aspect of the service we deliver.

The complaints process

If you would like to make a complaint, you will need to contact Ruth James, or ring her on 07718178111

You will need to detail why you are complaining and specifically what your complaint is about. Ruth will then respond to your complaint within 10 working days, if she needs more time, she will let you know.

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